That Awful Ramona Kenedy

  "Misty Rose! You get down here this instant!" screamed the angry voice of my sister, Ronnie. Ronnie is short for Veronica. She is sixteen and is the oldest of us eight O-Hara kids. I stomped down the stairs. I slowly dragged myself, not caring if she yelled at me again.

  "What?" I asked lazily, picking some bacon off of her plate. She slapped my hand and I dropped the bacon.

  "This morning I found this in my bed," she said holding up a small white mouse.

  "Bubbles! I have been looking for him," I said taking the mouse into my hands. I let him kiss my cheek. ronnie wrinkled her nose in disgust. I call him Bubbles because his eyed are like two huge bubbles.

  when my Aunt Robin announced that it was time for school, I ran upstairs. I threw on my red, plaid skirt; my white t-shirt; and my plaid tie. I put on my converse as I hopped down the stairs. A stampede of kids rampaged down the stairs.first was Kyle, then Poppy, Lily, James, me, Ronnie, Charlie, Ginger, Rachel, and Reagan. We jumped into our twelve passenger van and drove to school. That day was a bad day for me. I got into a fight (which almost never happens) with Ramona Kenedy. Jack, of course was close by. Ramona was always picking on the weaker people. Alex Charter was an easy target. She was my age,13, but acted like a child. She was always wore pigtails with bows and almost always had a sucker.

  "Aww, look at these little, baby pigtails," she said, grabbing at one. Alex cowered at the presence of Ramona.

  "Touch her again and see what happens," I hissed, curling my hands into fists.

  Ramona poked Alex. As soon as her finger touched Alex's shoulderI swung my hadn and hit Ramona on the left cheekbone. Jack tried to hold me back but I gave him the death glare and he instantly let go of my arms. Ramona was screaming at the top of her lungs. A teacher came our so I ran.

  "What in the world is going on!" she hollered.

  "Mrs. Sheryl! Misty punched me!" Ramona wailed in reply. She held the side of her face. She was definitely going to have a bruise. Ramona stomped angrily towards the principal's office. She went inside and slammed the door.

  "Ramona? Don't you have a class to be in?" asked principal Harly Oliver.

  "Misty punched me!" she screeched moving her hand away from her face. It was already black and blue.

  "Oh my!" she said. She clicked the megaphone button. 'Misty Rose O-Hara, please report to my office," she said, staring at Ramona's bruise.

  I stared up at the speaker. Everyone looked at me. I had only been the the principal's office once before. I picked up my books and my backpack and walked out of my classroom. I dragged myself towards the principal's office. I entered a small room and saw Ramona sitting in a chair. A black and blue lump had formed on her left cheek, right under her eye. I slouched into one of the big leather chairs.

  "Misty, I have only had you in here once before, it was also a problem between you and Ramona," the principal said.

  I remembered last time. I had stuck a lizard in her locker. It had peed all over homework. When she opened her locker, the lizard jumped on her. She screamed so hard I couldn't help but laugh.

  "Misty, did you or didn't you punch Ramona?" she asked, removing her glasses.

  "Only 'cause she was picking on Alex! She called her a baby and pulled on her pigtails!" I blurted.

  "Ramona, you left that part out, is it true?" she asked, swinging her head to look at Ramona.

  "I-I-I...yes," she said, her head hanging.

I smiled to myself. Ramona was getting in trouble, not me. She was in so much...

  "I'll have to punish both of you, " said Mrs. Oliver.

  "Wait...waaa?" I said. How could I be in trouble. I was only defending poor, little Alex.

  "Both of you have detention only for a week," she said.

That wasn't too bad, but still it was unfair.

  "You both may go. Ramona, put some ice on that, okay?"

Ramona nodded. I was steamed. I looked at my watch. My class only had five minutes left. Instead of going back in, I would just wait at the classroom door. As soon as class was out, I was steamrolled by my classmates. they asked why I was sent to the principal's office.

  "I punched Ramona," I said not looking anyone in the eye.

  "Ha! You punched her?! You did that?! Oh, Misty, so innocent but so tough, " said Seth Parson.

  I pushed through a crowd of people, almost all of them patting me on the back, congratulating me for teaching Ramona a lesson. I got my lunch and sat down at the table in the middle of the cafeteria. I always sat there. Lunch that day was pizza bagels, tater tots, and salad. After a short lunch,and a couple of long, boring classes, I went home.

The End

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