Misty Rose


I was on top of the world. I was the star soccer player, the best student, and a friend to everyone. Well, to everyone except to Ramona and Jack Kenedy. My mom called me a gem. My dad called me his super star. I had it made. My life was perfect, but soon, one thing after another slowly changed my life. It began when my parents started fighting. A divorce followed and my single mother was trying to raise eight kids on her own. It was definitely  putting a lot of weight on our relationships with each other. Later, in the month of June, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors told us that it hadn't been caught early enough and couldn't be treated. Two months later I was attending my mothers funeral. We had long since lost contact with our father, so we moved in with my Aunt Robin and Uncle Jay McFarlend. They only had two children, Rachel and Reagan. My life was slowly heading downhill and it was about to get worse.

The End

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