Viva La Revolution!

Original Author: Mistress Elsha Hawk

Elsha knew she should take the moment of distraction to make a move and get out of there, but seeing the many pen-guns and the crowd blocking a clear exit, she decided to make a more covert move.

Discreetly sidestepping in front of Krully’s endtable, she slid open the drawer and pulled out JP’s book. THE book that contained the essence of Ficlets.

“Young man, I did not raise you to torture and maim decent writers! I am VERY disappointed in you! How DARE you..” She continued to advance on him and reached for an ear. Her body blocked Elsha from sight of the others for a split second and she reached out to grab a thawing Pixie.

The Pixie, biting and clawing at Elsha’s hand in anger at being frozen, was quickly thrown with accuracy at the yelling hulk of a mother. Elsha hit the floor and slid toward Orange, knocking him into Punkin, who lowered her pen-gun allowing Elsha to disarm her as she got to her feet and ran. She fired warning shots above their heads, as she quickly descended the hill.

The End

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