Making Brownies...Or How The End Began

Original Author: Krulltar

“Yeah, the market was out of fresh Brownies, so I had to get a frozen substitute.” The frozen Pixie made a clinking sound has Krulltar tapped it on the counter to knock off the excess ice before dipping it in the batter and rolling it in seasoned breadcrumbs. “So, technically I’m making ‘Grammy Krull’s World Famous Pixes’.”

“um, yuck!” Punkin and John said in unison.

“Pixies taste a little more ‘gamey’ than Brownies, but these aren’t too bad.” Krulltar said while biting into one he picked up off the cooling rack. After a few bites Krulltar’s knees buckled as he almost fainted.

“You ok, big guy?” John squeeled as he tried propping Krulltar up.

“I felt a disturbance in the farce.” Krulltar’s eyes narrowed. “Lone Writer has decided to summon someone to lead their revolutionary army. We’re doomed”

“It can’t be that bad. Who could be stronger than you, Krulltar?” John asked.

“They summoned … my Mother.”

“That’s it man, game over man, game over!” Punkin yelled, waking Mr Skittles.

The End

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