Grammy Krull's World Famous Brownies

Original Author: Krulltar

2 weeks later at Krulltar’s Lair High in the Himalayas…

“Sshhh… don’t wake Mr. Skittles.” whispered Krulltar as he pointed to the cave troll that was asleep in one corner of the kitchen. John Perkins had to struggle not to laugh at the sight of the hulking cave troll snuggling with an undersized stuffed plush Big Bird.

“Don’t worry. I know how grumpy he is when he doesn’t get enough sleep.” John said sniffing the air. “Something smells good. Whatcha cooking?”

“With all the stress of running a rag-tag bunch of bandits, and trying to second guess Lone Writer’s meddling posse, I just need some comfort food. So, I’m making ‘Grammy Krull’s World Famous Brownies’.”

“‘World Famous’, huh? How come I have never heard of them?”

“Make fun of Grandma’s Brownies again and you’ll get an all-you-can-eat helpin’ of K’tar’s knuckle sandwich.”

“Yeah, John, quit antagonizing the Antagonist of this series.” Punkin entered the kitchen and chided John. “And no offense, but those brownies smell funny.”

The End

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