Lil' Krully Saves 'Em From Mighty-Joe

Original Author: Krulltar

“Put me down, Auntie Punkin,” cried lil’ Krully. “I can save ‘em”

Punkin ignored the kicks and slaps from lil’ Krully, but not his teeth burrowing into her forearm.

“You drew blood, you little brat!” Punkin screamed in pain, throwing the lil’ abomination to the floor.

lil’ Krully’s tiny feet hit the floor running; he was on a collision course with the G2 swinging metal lump known as Mighty Joe. In a feat of acrobatic prowess, he tumbled around MJ and grabbed his Velveteen rabbit and Tickle Me Elmo ™. With a battle cry, he charged back towards MJ.

Throughout history, many epic poems and ballads have been written about one person’s unselfish act of self sacrifice to save the ones they love. Unfortunately for LW’s Posse, this wasn’t one of those times.

lil’ Krully, with his most favorite possessions in hand, slid between MJ’s legs and was narrowly missed as G2’s body slammed into Orange Oreos.

“hehe, that tickles” echoed Elmo as Punkin and lil’ Krully ran down the hallway towards the exit.

The End

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