Mighty-Joe Hits A Home Run

Original Author: Punkin

Back at G2’s lair

“Wait Punkin!” G2 yelled suddenly cognizant of the mistake Punkin was about to make.

Unfortuately, it was too late. Mighty-Joe awoke with a start.
None to happy. It seems, Mighty-Joe had some hurt to hand out and he was feeling, well, mighty generous.

Grabbing G2’s head he flung it like a bowling ball toward Orange Oreos and Lone Writer, who scattered like pins.

Punkin grabbed lil’ Krully, and headed for the exit.

“Sorry, guys” she yelled back at the trio. “I’ve always wanted to join the League of Awesomeness and this is my one chance.

“I got it!!” she yelled back her voice echoing distantly “I got the pen, Mighty-Joe.”

Mighty-Joe simply grinned. Picking up G2’s body and wielding it like a baseball bat, he stepped toward Orange Oreos and Lone Writer.

“Batter up” he yelled.

Mighty-Joe always liked sports and he was planning on hitting a couple of homers.

The End

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