Somebody Just Hatched A Scheme...And It Wasn't Me

Original Author: Punkin

Meanwhile back at Shangrila

“They reactivated Mighty-Joe Young.” Krulltar said while the others were settling down to a relaxing meal of local Nepalese cuisine.

“I knew Punkin wouldn’t be able to resist.” Krulltar continued.
“She’s always had a weird thing for that hunk of metal.”

“So..” Elsha Hawk replied with a tinge of sarcasm. “When were you going to let us in, on your little scheme?”

The hair stood up on the back of Band Baby’s neck. Nothing good ever came of Elsha’s getting upset. She stood up thinking this was one “family” argument she’d rather miss.

“Cool your heels.” John Perkins said reaching over and gently rubbing Elsha’s tense shoulders.

“I think he’s about to.”

The End

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