The Return Of Mighty-Joe Young

Original Author: Punkin

Back at G2's Lair

“Well, it took a few sequels, but I finally got the head on straight. ” A voice declared, startling Lone Writer ,G2 and Orange Oreos out of their revery.

“Punkin. You startled us.” G2 said stepping back for a second. Almost dropping her head.” Oh, everyone this is Punkin, she’s our tech support.”

Punkin stepped out of the shadows. Just under five feet, she was easy to miss. Her dark spiky hair and black eyes blending easily into the background.

Standing next to her was Mighty-Joe Young. In one piece.

Audible gasps were freely passed around the room.

” I spent quite a few sequels with this bot, but he’s ready to be rebooted.”

With that said Punkin deftly reached over pushed a button, and brought Mighty-Joe Young back into the land of ficletdom.

The End

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