The Mythical City Of Skank Ra Ra

Original Author: Krulltar

“Rule #1, don’t upset Krulltar. You’re lucky I arrived when I did, or his demons might have brought this whole mountain down.” John Perkins stood over Krulltar’s body, holding an empty syringe, “Skittles! Take him to the infirmary.”

A large cave troll walked out from inside a boulder, and picked up Krulltar.

“Kay-ta go boom boom?” Skittles McGee asked.

“Almost” Krulltar weakly replied. “But you found me in my darkness, and saved me.”

“Skimmles loovs kay-ta” the cave troll cradled Krulltar in his arms.

“Krulltar loves Skittles” Krulltar passed out.

“Everyone, Welcome to...” John dramatically waved his hand to remove the rock illusion. The smell of peach blossoms and lilacs permeated the air.

Meanwhile in G2’s Secret Lair

“So where do you think Krulltar is hiding?” OrangeOreo whispered as lil’ Krully pranced off towards the toys in the next room.

“skank ra ra,” Lil’ Krully unabashedly declared.

“Do you mean Shangri-la?” asked Fantasy.

“That’s wat I said… skank ra ra

The End

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