Demons Running Through My Slate

Original Author: Krulltar

Elsha grabbed hold of the Krulltar’s fur hood and yanked his head down to her eye level. “What do you mean ‘They Know’?”

“They know I’m linked to the lil’ abomination.”

Elsha began to verbally assault Krulltar. Elsha’s rant went on for nearly a minute before Band Baby and Mask dragged her away.

Elsha finally noticed Krulltar’s skin had turned pitch-black. The outline of his body blurred in and out of focus. One of Krulltar’s eyes turned violet, while the other one turned a dark yellow. Krulltar made a low guttural hissing sound as his forked tongue reached out and tasted the cold winter air.

Meanwhile in G2’s Secret Lair

Lil’ Krully stood in the bathroom doorway, holding his pants, and declared “I made poopies! I’m Commander of the Potty!”

“Did you flush, el Comandante?” G2 asked.

“Yes, and I wash’d my hands… oh, and Krulltar’s mad also.”

“Thanks, now go play in the other room while the grownups talk, ok”

“Ok, but he’s really REALLY mad… can someone to put my pants on?”

The End

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