High In The Himalayas 2

Original Author: Krulltar

“You mean Kevin Lawver’s Pen is real?” JustAnotherWriter asked

“As real as the stains in Mighty Joe’s underwear” Krulltar said.

“Ugh! Gross.” Band Baby wrinkled her face.

“So how do you know they have it?” Stovo asked.

“If my krully-ganger dies, he will rise again out of the ashes, like the Phoenix. I left him behind to be found. You see, when I created him, he was imbued with my essence, so I have a mental bond with him. I know what he is doing at all times, and he’s with LW’s Posse.”

“Does that mental bond go both ways?”

“Yes, and let’s hope they don’t figure it out.”

“So how is using the pen a bad thing. We can bring Bart and the others back.”

“Because it’s an Artifact of Creation and it alters the essence of the universe. Every time something is created, something is destroyed. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That’s basic Science. Wil Wheaton accidentally used it to write a screenplay, and now St. Louis and the rest of the Midwest is a nuclear desert.”

The End

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