High In The Himalayas

Original Author: Krulltar

“How much further is it, krull-turd?!?” Stovohobo’s words battled the bitterly cold winter wind that swept across the side of the mountain.

“1 minute closer than when you asked before” Krulltar attached the rope to the piton.

Band Baby pushed back the hood of her parka and stared at the awe inspiring site of the K2 summit off in the distance.

“I’ve got the strangest feeling that I’ve been here before.” she said.

“You have already. 244 times today.” Krulltar inched his way across the icy crag.

“244 times? Are you K-tarded?” Band Baby stared at Krulltar in disbelief.

“I got a weird feeling of deja vu” Stovohobo interrupted Band Baby. “but last time he said 243, and you called him k-sane.”

“Deja vu is just the universe’s hiccups” Krulltar explained. “Too many, too fast and the universe will implode.”

“So what’s causing it” asked MaskbytheMoon.

Krulltar paused for a second in thought before answering. “My Krully-ganger found Kevin Lawver’s Pen, and they are bringing ficleters back.”

The End

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