A Little Meglomania Never Hurt Anybody....

Original Author: Punkin

“I’m Commander of the World.” a small figure appeared. It was a boy somewhere around four and a half feet tallish. A checkered tablecloth-like cape was flung caperciously over one shoulder, while his head was crowned with what appeared to once have been caulender.

“We have a smallish problem.” Fantasy said nodding ever so slightly toward the tiny meglomaniac. “Apparently, the creature we thought was Krullitar was actually some sort of doppelganger.”

“I will take you both to my force field prison.” the child yelled, “It is totally inescapable.”

“Ya see,” Fantasy continued “Doppelgagner’s are quirky and expensive, apparently this particular model…

The small child grabbed Fantasy’s ankles in a futile attempt to wrestle her to the ground.

”.....self-replicates upon destruction.”

The End

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