Back By The Dead Midgets

Original Author: Band Baby

Gingerly Band Baby, Stovohobo, and JustAnotherWriter walked from the cave with their hands rasied.

“There’s more of you?” Elsha called, cocking her rifle and preparing to shoot.

“Wait!” Band Baby called out, hoping the others would play along with her in order to help their cause.

“Sis?” Mask called out, recognizing Band Baby. “Why are you here… and on his side?” She pointed to the body of Bart. It was a good thing she looked away, because otherwise she would have noticed the single tear run down Band Baby’s cheek.

“He took us hostage during the fight with Yodaoncrack and Krully.” Band Baby called, taking a slow step towards Mask.

“Oh, you poor thing! You musta been so scared!” Mask called out, running around dead midgets towards Band Baby now.

Relieved, Band Baby took off to embrace Mask. She would have to explain to the others later… if they lived.

“Are they with you?” Elsha asked, cocking her head towards where Stovo and JustAnotherWriter still stood, looking completely shocked.

The End

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