Meanwhile, Back At Bigfoot Three

Original Author: Mask By The Moon

Mask untied the soup cans from her feet and leapt out of her monster truck, her head pounding. She looked at Mighty-Joe and sighed.

“Didn’t think this would be what killed ya. Always figured you’d choke on one of your stupid tobacco products. Oh well, this way we can fix you.” She… spoke to dead things. She did it often. It was just.. fun.

She climbed back into the huge thing, positioning herself on the phonebooks in the most menacing way possible.

“Leo’s got his midgets out again. It’d be a shame for him to get killed by his little sister.” She grabbed a pen, paper, and a dagger, tucked the dagger into her sock, cranked the hulking vehicle, and went to find him, shaking her head.

She was stopped by a midget crossing

The End

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