Hope In The Catacombs?

Original Author: Bartimaeus

Bartimaeus, Band Baby, Stovohobo and JustAnotherWriter decended further into the depths of the catacombs, far beneath the cave which had been abandoned by the other writers.
JustAnotherWriter mourned.
“But.. What will happen to the others? They could be dying right now, for all we know…”
Stovo gave a tired sigh, looking back at her.
“They will find their way… Yoda tought them well.”
“But Yoda’s dead! Their hope is lost!”
Bart now looked back.
“Perhaps for them, but I’ve got a little something up my sleeve..”
Stovo shook his head.
“Where in the name of Krulltar’s troll’s feces are you taking us?”
Bartimaeus sighed.
“Just a bit farther, it won’t be long.”
Band Baby pouted.
“I don’t like these dead bodies! They’re starting to scare me…”
Bart chuckled, “Don’t worry sweetie, they ain’t gonna getcha.”
After ten more minutes of trudging down through the catacombs, they came to a large silver door. Bart went forward and spoke one word.

The End

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