And The Cat Came Back, The Very Next Day...

Original Author: Krulltar

The mountain rumbled and shook as Ana Cristina fiddled at the controls of the gigantic console.

“Hurry up, Ana” screamed John Perkins from behind the wheel the Yodaoncrack’s hotwired Volkswagen bus.

“Overloading the nuclear core that powers this mountain fortress isn’t as easy as it looks”

“Krulltar can only distract them so long, we gots to go, babe.”

Ana slammed her fist on the console and pointed her long narrow finger at John. “Listen. I need a second to figure out the last sequence. So shut up, or I’ll slap you so hard all your ellipses will become ordinary periods. Ok, Pumpkin?”

“Man, somebody’s sure has gotten snippy since being cut in half”

Ana eyes flared as she glared at John.

“I’m just saying” John added.

An earthshaking belch echoed through the caves under the mountain as the Ana released the last plutonium rod into the core. Ana jumped into the van as John frantically drove through the winding caves. The mountain’s nuclear core began to imploded on it’s self.

The End

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