The Beginning Of The Battle, The Fall Of A Leader...

Original Author: Bartimaeus

The shing of Krulltar’s Sword of Awesomeness sliding from its hilt sent a menacing chill through the spines of the writers still in the cave.
Yoda chuckled to himself.

“Underestimate the power of the Farce, you do.”

Krulltar flared his mighty nostrils, the fire igniting in his eyes.

“No my friend, it is you who underestimates the power of Awesomeness..."
At that moment, Yodaoncrack and the mighty Krulltar let out a chilling battle cry simultaneously. More shings of swords filled the air, and the two charged toward each other, their forces following suit.
Stovohobo led the writers in the cave gloriously into the heat of the desert.
“Kill the Krulltar!!” he cried, holding his sword high in front of him, charging into the mass of Krulltar’s forces.
Yoda and Krulltar’s one on one duel advanced in a fury of flighting movements and skillful swordsmanship.
Midswing, Krulltar let out a cry in rage, and a dull crunch was heard afterwards.
Bart looked over to see that Yodaoncrack was no more.

The End

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