Explaining Death To The Youngins

Original Author: Krulltar

“I was lying on a beach in Maui,” THX explained as he led the Ficlet-puff girls down the corridors. “and I feel this pain in my chest. All the Booze and women had taken their toll. Living like a rockstar is fun until the piper wants his due.”

THX kicked open a door at the end of one corridor, and then quickly slammed it shut.

“Cave Troll. Let’s move on”

“You’re Death. Can’t you just touch him or something?” More Ways asked.

“It doesn’t work that way, darling. I’m Death of Humans. Anyway,” THX continued as he headed down another corridor “this guy appears in front of me and says he’s Death, and tells me my time is up. Well, as he’s prepping me for my ride across the River Styx, I start chatting with him.” THX long-stepped. “Troll poo.”

“Eeewww” the girls squeaked in threesome unison as they stepped around it.

“Come to find out, his name is Jeff, and he was tired of being Death. He told me that he inherited the job from a guy named Toby, who took over as Death from a guy named Jimmy.”

The End

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