More Death And Suspense In High Quality THX

Original Author: Krulltar

While BlueSparrow was showing off her fine swordsmanship, the ficlet-puff trio of Jenunique, Wall Doll, and More Ways were busy getting lost in the Arena’s labyrinthine hypogeum. Each corridor lead to a dead end or…

“OH POOP ” More Ways screamed as her foot slide through the pile of soft matter.

“Yep..that’s poop…” Jenunique sniffed the air ”...and by the smell of it, Krully-tar has a Cave Troll”

“You’d think K-tar would train his trolls better than that” Wall Doll added.

“Krully is so dead” More Ways stomped and dragged her foot across the dirt floor trying to clean the stuff off her leather pump.

“He’s not dead yet, girls. Not until I punch his ticket” A voice came from the shadows

A tall slender figure emerged for the darkness. His sickly pale skin was a stark contrast to his Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian shirt, and flip-flops

“Oh, my god! It’s THX .” squealed More Ways

“Aren’t you dead?” asked Jenunique

THX 0477 lifted his sickle into the light. “I’m not dead, baby. I’m Death”

The End

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