Ana's Better Half

Original Author: Krulltar

Krulltar had learned 3 important things from playing D&D; 1 Don’t touch someone else’s dice, that’s just good etiquette. 2 Never assume a goblin is just a goblin; odds are that the DM has given them class levels. 3 Never interrupt a spellcaster who’s holding an ancient artifact, because Magic has no emergency stop switch.

“OH [INSERT EXPLETIVE ]!” screamed Krulltar as he grabbed John Perkin’s body and the Flicnomicon, and sprinted towards one of the entrances to the hypogeum. The ficlet-puff trio followed behind him.

“Hey! Come back here” hollered Jenunique

“Yeah, we aren’t done putting knots on your head” said Wall Doll

“Really BIG knots” added More Ways.

Colorful energies swirled over Ana Cristina’s better half as the magical ether was sucked from the area. Instantly, all light and sound seem to vanish from existence, and then returned with a mushroom cloud of debris. The coliseum was in ruins, but Lone Star’s boots remained spotless. Sadly, the explosion wasn’t so nice to Lone Star herself.

The End

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