Krulltar Gets A Bit Of A Surprise

Original Author: Lone Writer

“Hey Dude, chillax.” said a voice from behind him.
Krulltar whirled around and his jaw dropped in shock. “You…you can’t be alive… Perkins killed you in the beginning, I saw it myself!!”

The Lone Writer (For it was she) rolled her eyes in consternation. “You thought you saw me die, oh and thanks for checking to see if I was ACTUALLY dead!”

“That seems to be a problem around here.” Wall Doll muttered.

“Well you look good, for being a dead person.” Jenunique said, studying Lone Writer’s spotless cowboy boots.

Krulltar ignored her. “How did you survive? Perkins shot you twice and then pushed you off the edge of a thirty foot cliff!”

“That’s not important.” Her eyes burned with anger. “All you need to know is that the Lone Writer rides again and this time she’s riding for revenge.

“Can I have those boots before you go off into the sunset?” More Ways asked.

Absolutely not!” Lone Writer snapped.

The End

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