Gitarzan, He's A Guitar Man

Original Author: Krulltar

thebetweenspace put his “Attack of the Clones” DVD back in its case, and disconnected the satellite uplink. Let’s hope those government boys are as predictable as Krulltar says tbs thought to himself as he texted a message.

Normally Krulltar would have heard his blackberry beep as it received tbs’s message. Normally Krulltar’s ears weren’t ringing from the explosion caused by the aluminum alien abomination of apocalyptic alliterations, and normally Krulltar didn’t have Wall Doll using his left ear to strum Gitarzan. Since this wasn’t a normal day, all this excitement was making Krulltar a bit edgy and angry.

“Stop it, wench!!” Krulltar screamed as he tore the guitar from Wall Doll’s hands

“Hey! Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?” she demanded.

“We’re superheroes!” answered More Ways.

“Real ones!” added Jenunique.

Needless to say, that didn’t calm Krulltar down. Now he was angry. And no one wanted Krulltar angry. Not even superheroes.

The End

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