Meanwhile, In DC... Or: Government Intelligence Is An Oxymoron

Original Author: Krulltar

The President watched as the battle played out on the monitor. “Mr. Bananafana, how current is this video?” the President asked.

“Less than 10 minutes, Sir. Our Operative inside the arena sent it right before we lost contact with him.”

“Are those our dropships? Who’s dropships are those?” the President demanded as his finger pointed at the monitor.

“Based on earlier videos sent by our Operative, we believe them to be part of a religious cult known as the Jedi. They seem to have a sword technology involving crystals and lasers that the techno geeks at the NSA haven’t seen before. We’re having a hard time replicating their lightsabres .”

“That one there… with the purple sword thing…”

“Lightsabre, Sir” Bananafana corrected the President.

“Yes, the purple lightsabre guy…is that Samuel L. Jackson?”

“Yes, we believe he is a turncoat also, Sir. These videos that our Operative, known only as thebetweenspace, has sent, leads us to only one conclusion: The LoA has Weapons of Mass Awesome.”

The End

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