The Sorceress And Her Instrument Of Pain

Original Author: Krulltar

John laughed manically while the two unholy abominations clashed in the arena below. Elsha was amused at how John’s clockwork voicebox made his laugh sound like a gaggle of Japanese school girls giggling inside a tin can. John’s laughter was abruptly halted with the sound a thunderous THWANG .

ALRO613 gripped the neck of his +10 Guitar of Awesomeness, clobbering John Perkin’s guards in one continuous symphony of pain. Each of the guard’s screams added to the beautiful chorus. ALRO613 ’s masterpiece was completed in less time than it takes John to brush snickerdoodle crumbs off his shirt.

Elsha watched as a diminutive figure in a white hooded cloak entered and wisped toward John. The figure phased through the fallen bodies.

“I should have known better than to think a sorceress could be killed that easily. So have your ellipses grown up yet?” John asked.

“Well..” the sound of the sorceress’ voice physically manifested in a swirl of smoke and mist.

The voice sounded familiar to Elsha. “Ana?!?”

The End

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