Mistress Elsha Gets A Good Day's Sleep

Original Author: Krulltar

John Perkins repeatedly checked Mistress Elsha’s neck for a pulse.

“Don’t worry John, there’s enough tranquilizer in those darts to keep a rhino asleep for days, but it won’t kill her.” Krulltar pulled out his blackberry and texted a message.

“So who’s head are we going to attach to Mighty Joe? She one of yours?” John asked.

“Nah, that’s a MacGuffin”

“So, what’d this MacGuffin chick do?”

“No, MacGuffin’s not her name. Her name is Sarah Conrad.”

“So who’s this MacGuffin guy you mentioned.”

“Listen close, Sarah Conrad’s head is a MacGuffin.”

John changed subjects. “So, tell me again. How do you plan on…” John started to ask about what the The Order had codenamed Operation Awesome, or as known in The Order’s internal memos as Grand Reunification Outline for the Renewal of Awesomeness, aka GRORA .

Krulltar’s Blackberry beeped.

“Krulltar checking in. Safecode is Themla and Louise. Update, the sparrow has been caged.” Krulltar hung up. “It’s best you don’t know, John. Trust me.”

The End

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