Mistress Elsha Meets Her Match

Original Author: Krulltar

“Ya know, Mistress Elsha” Krul(l)tar massaged the stubble under his chin. “Your a wicked mad shooter, and would be useful to The Order

“Flattery won’t save your life, Krully.” She pointed the barrel of the sniper rifle at Krul(l)tar.

“ahh, but wait.” A nervous bead of sweat trickled down from his temple “I know 3 things you don’t know.”

“OK, I’ll bite. What 3 things do you know?”

“one, the Awesomers are Awesome”

Mistress Elsha rolled her eyes. “You’re just trying to buy time, it won’t work” She pulled the hammer back.

“Ttttwwwoooo” Krul(l)tar stuttered, “John Perkins is still alive”

Krul(l)tar’s statement, as absurd as it was, made her pause for a moment.

“I did him myself, so I know that’s a …”

Mistress Elsha’s body fell off the horse as the dart penetrated her armor. John Perkins walked out of the bushes holding a dart gun.

“Three, I’m writing this sequel” Krul(l)tar said as Mistress Elsha’s eyes drifted to unconsciousness.

The End

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