Mister Williams

A man of few talents, Joshua Williams is an average man. He is of thirty-six years of age, has a messy, unruly nearly-white beard, and has a beer belly. His two children, Lisa and Marie are loving and see this man as their hero.
But when he is found by the 'QF', a group of agents who are employed as spies, his life changes.

Mr J Williams sauntered up the stone path to his petite yet beautiful house, jangling a set of keys as they dangled from his fingers, sending the sun-light dancing off of it. It was late afternoon on a Friday. Good Friday, in fact. He unlocked the door and walked into his home.

He was met by an attack of hugs. His two daughters, Lisa and Marie looked happily up at him, grins plastered on their angelic faces.

"Daddy!" exclaimed Marie, the youngest one. "Daddy, daddy! I lost my tooth!" she boasted, pointing to the gap in her rows of white teeth.

"Wow honey, that's very good. Where's your little tooth? You haven't put it under your pillow already, have you?" he inquired, raising his eyebrow. He knew the answer to the question anyway. Marie had been excited about her wobbly tooth for weeks, but not because it would be her first lost tooth; because she would get money from the tooth-fairy.

"Yes! I don't want to be late for the tooth faiwy." She had always had trouble pronouncing her 'R's, but Joshua noticed that she was getting better.


The End

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