Chapter Five

     "Now we try healing. You need to heal. Draw on the mists to make you whole again. Make sure that you do not leave any cuts." He said very seriously.

      "Healing! Healing! I can heal myself?!" I said excitedly. "I'll try."

      I grabbed a bit of mist with my invisible hand. That's what it seemed like to me. I pulled the mist in to myself. I thought no cuts, no bruises. I felt at all the pains in my body. Slowly I wrapped the mist around each cut and bruise. Slowly, but efficiently, they healed.

      "Good." He said after inspecting my face and arms. "Very good." He looked up as the sun rose. "We will continue tonight. I suggest you get some rest."

       As if on cue, the mists disappeared. I felt really tired. I went inside and fell right to sleep on the couch. A cup of warmed hot chocolate in my hands.

The End

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