Chapter Four

         I followed Jave outside. He continued walking until we got to the far side of his yard. "Now. I want you to throw yourself, using the mists, over to my porch on the far side." He told me.

          "Why would I want to do that?" I asked curiously.

          "It's a faster way to travel. You'll want to use it." He replied a little heatedly.

         "Ok. Here I go." I said throwing myself. I shut my eyes. I heard a really loud thud and I fell to a laying position on the ground. I was only about three feet from my starting position.

          "Again." Jave said.

           "Yes sir." I replied going back to where I was. I tried again only this time I jumped, pushed on the mists, and shot into the air. I arced far over his house and landed really hard and unexpectedly where he told me. A few seconds later he floated to a stop next to me.

          "Good start. Bad end. Push softer when you fall. You won't land so hard. Now. Going back." He corrected.

            Again, I jumped, pushed off the mists and soared. When I started to fall. I gently pushed against the mist floating to a stop. He followed. "Good. Much better. Now land in that tree." He said pointing at a nearby tree.

        "A tree?" I asked. "Ok." I repeated the same process for jumping over the house. This time I landed on the ground way ahead of the tree. "What did I do wrong?" I asked.

         "Don't push. Pull." He said as if that was the most obvious thing in the world.

         I did as I was told. Instead of pushing on the mist, I found an anchor just above the tree. Then I pulled. I shot into the air but ended up on the ground. "I pulled. What else should I do?" I asked.

           "That's for me to know, and you to find out." He responded smirking.

        I sighed. I pulled on the mist again. I got the same result. Frustrated, I changed my anchor. I pulled a few feet in front of the tree. I shot into the air. Then I landed in the tree hanging upside down on a branch with cuts all over my face. Jave followed. He landed smoother and crouched not upside down.

         "Alright. I got into the tree. Now lets try that again." I said. I jumped out of the tree and landed on the wet grass. Then I grabbed my anchor and tried again, only I turned and just before I started to land I lightly pushed on the mist. I landed crouched like Jave. "Wow!" I said thrilled.

         Jave just nodded his head and jumped down. Well, more like dropped down. I followed him. "So, what now?"

The End

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