Chapter Three

            "Jave. Thank you so much for helping me. I don't know what I would have done with out you." I told him sincerely.

            "You would have trusted the mists. It's in your nature. It's why I went out this night. I felt you and the mists led me to you." He replied in an offhand way.

           "I don't know Jave. Well, I guess it was the mists that told me to follow you even though my instincts said no. I have a lot to learn." She sighed.

          "Here we are." Jave said pointing to a house with his cane. "In you go." He waited until I went in then followed. "Please, have a seat. Would you like something to drink perhaps?"

         "Water. Unless you have hot chocolate." I replied. He brought back two steaming cups of hot chocolate. I sipped mine. "Ahhhh."

        "Yes. I must agree. Most refreshing. Now, first do you know what a mistchild is?" He asked.

         "I have only heard rumors that they are born of the mists and get mysterious powers from the mist." I replied.

       "Well, all of that is true. You were born of the mist. Meaning the mist is your father and the night your mother. Strange I know. You get powers from the mist. All though the powers are not strange to you. Only to regular people. You have used your powers before on accident I assume." He explained.

         "Well. I think so." I replied.

      "Good. We must get started right away." He said standing up. "Come. Back outside. Leave the hot chocolate. We can heat it up at dawn."

The End

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