Chapter Two

         It was cold. I was alone. "Hello?" I called wandering the streets alone. What have I done? I just killed my crew leader and put myself on the streets. When am I going to learn? I thought. I continued to walk. The mist curled around me. I guess you could or should call it fog, but for some reason they call it mist. The mist blanketed me. It seemed to keep me warm. I was safe and hidden in the mists.

        After a few minutes of walking I came upon an elderly man wandering the streets, the mist curling around him as well. That's strange. He seems to be made of the mists. Maybe he can help me. I walked up to him. "Sir, could you help me. I'm lost, and very alone. Please sir."

        The man regarded me. "My child. You are not lost as long as the mists are around. Neither are you alone. Please follow me and I shall explain. My name is Jave. I am a Mistchild." The man continued on his way. I followed him. Despite my instincts which at the moment were telling me turn and run, I curiously followed him.

       "Now. You might ask why I tell you this." Jave said. "The reason is I see the way the mist curls around you and I know. I know that you are a mistchild as well. Come we shall go to my home to discuss things.

The End

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