A young girl grows up on a thieving crew. She gets away. goes on some adventure. Possibly starts and ends a war.

           "No! Master please don't! It wasn't my fault. It was day, not night. I couldn't use the mists." Airy pleaded. Airy has short blond hair that she absolutely despises. Her blue eyes are a resemblance of the ocean, and many love looking at them when they get the chance. At the age of five a man named Jarris found her on the streets and took her in. To show order he softly beat her once every two days. Afterward when the crew was in bed he would give her something to drink. He was a very kind man, but he knew she was different. That's why he was kind to her.  About five years later Jarris died giving the crew to Davis. Who continued the beatings only he did them once a day and gave her no drink afterward. They were especially bad when she failed. Tonight was one of those nights.

            Davis raised a hand. Instead of hitting her though, he hit the floor. Airy had seen her self as a ten year old being beat and that was the last straw. Before Davis could do anything. She was on him in a flash. He was thrown to the floor. A pool of blood flowed from his head. Realizing what she had done, at the age of fifteen, she took off. She had killed the guy she had called Master. She had killed her crew leader.

The End

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