Back again

Alys stood outside the police station, rubbing her hand against her arm. She had called Santiago a few minutes earlier and he had told her he'd be there as fast as he could. Suddenly she saw a bright light coming her way. She smiled as she remembered the car to be the car in Santiago's driveway. The front door opened and Alys ran towards it. "Santiago!"

Dalton stared with concern at the tall, latino man holding Alys in his arms. He didn't know what gave away his gang affilations first. The tattoos or the gun he could see in the side of his pants. "What the hell is she hanging around a guy like that for?!"

Diane sighed, not taking her attention away from the phonebook. "She said this Santiago guy was a person who'd take her in."

Dalton sighed. He began tapping the handle of his nightstick. "I still think that she's around the wrong person."

"Here we go!" Diane said. Dalton turned around and raised an eyebrow. "This is the number of the Brooks." Dalton gave her a dumbfounded satre. "Sorry, they're Alys grandparents."

"So she has family?" Dalton said, a hint ofsurprise in his voice. "Why wouldn't she mention that earlier?" Diane shrugged before sitting up.

"Maybe she didn't want to?" Diane suggested. She began to make her way towards the restroom when Dalton stopped her.

"Phone her grandparents."

Diane stared at him in confusion. "I don't know...there's got to be a reason she didn't want to call them first."

Dalton satred at Alys and Santaigo before staring back at Diane. "We're doing her a favour Diane. Going with that boy is nothing but trouble for her. We want her safe, not dead." Diane opened her mouth to argue but stopped. She sighed before making her way towards the telephone.

"Santiago..what happened to your arm?" Alys said to Santiago. She had flung herself into his arms, not even bothering to say hi. She was so depressed she had failed to notice the broken window and the cut on Santaigo's arm.

Santiago looked away for a moment before looking back at Alys. "It's...nothing. Just some punks who thought throwing stuff at my car would be funny." Alys opened her mouth to speak but stopped. For the first time since Santiago had walked her home, before the death of everyone she ever cared about she smiled a geniune smile.

"Are you blushing Santiago?"

Santiago's face began to go a deeper shade of pink, his tanned skin made a decent effort of covering it up. " of course not."

Alys laughed. But before she could say anything else, a loud horn caught both of their attention. Alys and Santiago turned around and saw an old woman standing outside a car. An old man was at the drivers seat, seemingly glaring at them.

"Grandma?" Alys said in disbelief. The old woman smiled, but then seemed to frown after she laid her eyes on Santiago.

"Alys dear... and your friend." Clarice couldn't help but fake a smile. Her grand daughter, a sophisticated and classy young woman was dressed in a near ripped outfit, in the arms of a rough looking latino. Even though she couldn't see, she knew her husband Robert was feeling just as disgusted and embaressed. As he always said "If it ain't white, it ain't right."

Alys felt her heart fall. her grandparents, although she loved an extent, were very picky on who she did and didn't date and befriend. And she knew that Santiago was everytihng they hated in a boy times ten. She turned back to Santiago, his gaze directed at the glare of her grandfather.

"Your grandparents seem...muey bueno" he said sarcastically.

"I'm sorry Santiago...I have to go," Alys said to him. He had a look of despair and sadness in his eyes but he closed them from her, making her feel guiltier than before.

"No problem me if you need me." With that Santiago made his way to car.

Alysgulped before turning to her grandmother. She was tapping her foot and had a frown on her face. She poined to the car saying, "Alys..let's have a talk on our way home okay?"

The End

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