Back to the present.

Alys found herself sat at a steel table, with a concerned police officer staring back at her, and she had no idea how she got there.

She could remember leaving her house, but after that, she had suddenly appeared here, at this table.

He addressed her kindly;

"Now, I need you to think very carefully. Is there anyone you believe could be responsible for this?" She stared at him blankly, as though looking straight through.

They all knew that the Riverside Fleur deLis were to blame, of course, but they needed to hear it from Alys herself. She hadn't spoken one word since they had left the scene, and it was beginning to worry some of the officers. Especially ones who had children.

Officer Dalton realised that she wasn't going to start talking anytime soon, least of all about the people who had just butchered her family. He sighed as he stood up and stretched. "I'm just going to grab a drink. You need anything?" he hoped the small talk would coax her out of her trance.

She looked at him suspiciously, and quickly shook her head in the negative. He gave her a small smile which made his eyes crinkle, and squeezed her shoulder reassuringly. "I'll be right back."

She stared at him as he walked out of the door.

Within a minute, the door opened again, but it wasn't the return of Officer Dalton. Instead, a young lady hovered in the doorway, regarding Alys in an almost maternal manner. She skittered across the room quickly, and gracefully sat in the chair that Dalton has previously occupied.

"Honey, is there anyone we can call? Somewhere you can stay for tonight? A friend, perhaps?" This was another attempt to get Alys talking again.

Thankfully, she nodded her head at the woman. As she glanced at the newcomer's name tag, Alys registered that her name was Diane Walker. Diane smiled at the response she was getting.

She too, smiled at Alys as Dalton had, and took Alys' hand in hers. She did not pull away, merely gazed curiously into Diane's big brown eyes. Her amber eyes gave way the hurt and pain she was feeling.

They stayed that way, almost unblinkingly, until Dalton returned, two bottles of water in hand. He placed one in front of Alys on the table.

"Just in case" he muttered.

"Wayne, Alys says she has somewhere to stay tonight." Diane informed him. He raised his eyebrows, suprised she had managed to get any information out of Alys at all.

He turned to her, kneeling down on one knee to look into her face. "Alys, who do you need us to call?"

She broke eye contact with Diane, only to stare into Dalton's. She noted they were intelligent and kind, and matched the colour of his hair almost exactly; a silvery grey. She saw that she could trust this man with the silver eyes.

She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came. She eyed the bottle of water on the table, suddenly grateful that Dalton had thought enough to get her one anyway. She took a sip and tried again.

"Santiago" she croaked.

The End

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