Father's Demise

"Ma'am we're sending a squad your way, please remain calm and stay where you are." a female voice assured Alys. "They'll be there soon."

Alys nodded, her hands trembling to hold the phone. "Okay," she stammered. As the phone line went dead, Alys dropped the phone and slinked onto the ground, burying her head in between her legs. She sobbed, a steady stream of tears pouring out of her eyes. Mom, brother, I'm so sorry.

Suddenly a horrible thought crept into her head. Where's dad? Alys gulped then turned to the stairs. She then made her way towards the stairs, slowly ascending, the same creaking stairs she had heard many times before now sounding more and more terrifying. She came to a half open door. She placed her hand on the cold knob when she began to hear a muffled sound. A cold sensation slithered up her spine as she slowly opened the door. "Oh my god!" Alys yelled in horror, covering her mouth with her hands. There, tied to a chair was her father. He was covered in blood, his clothes had been torn, his legs had been broken and the most gruesome sight of all was that his eyes were closed, blood dripping out of them.  He suddenly stirred awake.

"Honey? Dan? Alys?" he croaked.

"Dad!" Alys yelled through her tears. She ran over to him and hugged him, not caring that she had now covered herself with his blood. "I'm so sorry dad, I'm so sorry!"

Her father made a muffled sound. "Alys oh my god your alive! Where are your mom and your brother? They must be worried sick!"

Alys felt her heart plummet. "Daddy, they're dead."

Alys closed her eyes as her dad began to shake his head. "No, they can't...he…he promised that..." Alys's father then turned his head towards the ceiling. "He lied! He promised he would let them go! Damn you! My wife and my son gone!" Alys began to feel wet drops pelt her shoulder. She gazed up and saw that her father was tearing out blood.


"Alys," He said, stifling his tears. "I'm sorry."

Alys sobbed harder. "Daddy it wasn't your fault its mine!"

"I'm sorry I always yelled at you. I was a terrible father. You said so yourself." her dad responded.

"No! I was a terrible daughter!  I'm the reason everyone's dead!" Alys sobbed.

"I love you Alys. Your mother and your brother and I love you and we always will." He then turned to Alys and stared at her with his closed eyes. "We'll always be with you.”

"No daddy, please don't go!" She begged. "I'm all alone!"

"You're never alone." Her dad calmly assured her. "We'll always be with you Alys."

"Dad," Alys said, wiping her tears. "I love you."

Her father smiled. "I love you too..." He then let out a final gasp before his head tipped to one side and  his body stood there, motionless on the chair. Alys shook and spoke to her father, trying to wake him up, but to no avail.

"Daddy!" She yelled. She burst into tears; her dry tears being replaced with moist new ones. She suddenly glimpsed something written on the wall behind her father. You got whats coming Alys! was written in blood, inside a large fleur di lis painted in green.

Suddenly the door flew open. Two officers with drawn pistols entered the room. They had expected to be welcomed by shouting and violence. What they saw was a pale, tear drenched girl wearing a torn dress, crying and yelling at a bloody corpse. A grusome painting of a fleur di lis was visible behind them, with a sentence written in blood present. 

"Contact the paramedics," one officer ordered his female companion, not taking his eyes off the graffiti. She nodded and hurried out of the room. The officer holstered his weapon and made his way towards the girl. "Hey bud, get up," he spoke to Alys in a soft and gentle tone.

Alys turned her head form her father's dead corpse and stared at the policeman in front of her. He had a concerned look on his face, reminding her so much of her brother. "They're all gone!" she yelled, suddenly gripping the policeman tightly, burying her face in his arms.

The policeman stroked Alice's hair. What kind of a sick son of a b**** would slaughter this poor girl's family? he thought. He then stood up, still holding Alys in his arms. "Let's get you out of here," He quietly said, slowly making his way out the door and down the stairs, Alys crying in his arms the whole time.



The End

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