At Santiago's.

Alys walked side by side with Santiago before they came to a run down looking house. She could hear a dog barking in the background and children screaming inside. Santiago knocked on the door.

"Madre?" Santiago spoke in his Spanish accent Alys found beautiful and musical. "Madre abre la puerta!"

Alys giggled softly to herself. "What you say?"

Santiago smiled. "I asked my mother to open the door because I...kinda forgot my keys. Alys laughed when the door suddenly opened. A short woman with a yellow dress, and a white apron opened the door, still shouting at someone. She then began to talk to Santiago without turning her head.

"Santiago dónde le tiene fue. Usted fue supuesto cuidar a los niños el hoy de su hermano! Por qué es usted..."  Santiago's mom started to turn her head to lecture Santiago when she saw Alys in her beautiful yet somewhat ripped dress. She stared at Alys, mouth wide open. Then she stared Santaigo, her shocked looked becoming a happy one. "Santiago, who is your friend?" Santiago's mother asked in an accent much like Santiago's.

"Madre this is mi amigo Alys, Alys this is my mother Karen. But you can call her madre." Santiago introduced.

Alys smiled at Karen. "Hi."

"Oh hello Alys," Karen responded. She then looked at Santiago. "Bien permanece ella para cenar?"

Santiago shook his head. "Actually madre, we just needed to..."

Karen slapped her son in the shoulder. Santiago winced and Alys laughed. Karen turned to Alys. "Alys would you like to...a sit for dinner?"

"Sure if that’s alright with you?" Alys asked Santiago. She smiled as Santiago's eyes met with her own.

"I...I...ummm."Santiago stammered. Once again Karen slapped her son's shoulder. "Yeah of...of course."

Karen then gestured the two of them in. Alys looked around. The small house was a scene of chaos. The kitchen/dining room was the cleanest room in the house. The living room was sprawled with toys, newspapers and a large Great Dane asleep on the couch. On the rocking chair was a man with a goatee and a tattoo from his neck, descending downwards. A closer glance led Alys to believe it to be a large rose stem, covered with thorns. He looked up from the TV and glanced at Alys for a moment. He looked at Santiago and nodded.

" Santiago su tarde, your late." He spoke in a deep and slightly threatning sounding accent. Alys then noticed a shotgun lying right beside him. Suddenly two small boys ran into the living room. One pounced on the Great Dane causing it to bark and bolt, carrying the child with him. The other ran up and tried to tackle Santiago to the ground.

"Hey Santiago!" the little boy said, hugging Santiago. Santiago patted the boy's head.

"Nice to see you too Rodeleros." Santiago spoke. "Go get your  brother Rodriguez and tell him we're going to eat now." Rodriguez smiled and began to yell for his brother. Santiago turned to Alys and smiled. "Those were my little brothers, Rodeleros and Rodriguez. The old man over there is mi padre Sanchez.

"Humph!" Snachez grumbled standing up from his chair. "Kids. No respect for elders." He then walked over and sat on the kitchen chair. Karen pulled out a small roasted chicken and placed it on the table. Alys also saw a plate of rice and numerous other smaller platyes surrounding it. They all sat down around the table, the two boys running into the room screaming and the Great Dane trotting up to Santiago's side and sitting down. It opened its mouth and stared at Santiago. Santiago patted its head.

"Sorry Punta, no food for you."Santiago apologized to the dog. The dog then lay down near Santiago. Alys went to pet it when it suddenly put its head up and growled. Alys let out a small high pitched-scream, quickly retracting her hand. Everyone laughed and said grace. As they were eating, Karen asked Alys many questions such as where she was from and how she met Santiago. Alys quickly lied, saying that she had met him at the park. Sanchez scoffed and spoke.

"You sure you weren’t at a corner and Santiago didn't pay you?" he joked. He then cracked up while Karen held her breath and slapped Sanchez in the arm and began to argue with him in Spanish. The boys laughed when Rodelero spoke.

"Hey Santiago, is Alys your girlfriend ?" he and Rodriguez began to make kissy sounds. Santiago began to turn red again then threw a chicken bone at them. Alys laughed as the chicken bone whizzed pass Rodriguez head. They then began to laugh when a knock on the door interrupted them. Rodriguez piped up.

"I'LL GET IT!!" he yelled. He then ran to the door when he gasped.

"Rodriguez what's wrong?" Karen asked. She went up to the door and gasped when a tall man walked through. Alys noticed he bore a very similar appearance to Santiago but he had no shirt on and had numerous tattoos spread across his body. Most were vines that circled around him, much like Sanchez's tattoo with thorns sticking out. However the spiky vines also twirled around the right side of his face and a large eye surrounded by vines was on his back. In his pockets Alys saw a Desert Eagle pistol in his right pocket and a large combat knife strapped to his left pocket.

"Hey there little bro." the stranger spoke, in the same accent as Santiago.

"Hi Hidalgo." Rodriguez said, waving his hand at him. Sanchez then stood up and walked towards Hidalgo. Hidalgo was an inch or two taller than Sanchez but Sanchez gave an impression of a much bigger man.

"Por qué el infierno es usted aquí? Sanchez yelled at Hidalgo.

"Step off old man!" Hidalgo yelled. "You've been sitting your ass here while I’ve been running the Los Sirvientes de Diablo! And to make things even more wonderful, the Vagos are becoming more threatening then we are!"

Sanchez stared at Hidalgo. "Did I also mention that my kid brother Santiago was almost killed by the Vagos and their new allies Riverside Fleur de Lis?" Hidalgo added. Sanchez grinded his teeth. He glared at Santiago then at Alys.

"Is this true Santiago?" Sanchez questioned, trying to control his anger.

"Yes padre but..." Santiago answered.

"YOU LET THOSE BASTARDOS WALK OVER YOU!" Sanchez interrupted, in an explosion of rage. He then walked over to the rocking chair and grabbed his shotgun. He then began to walk out the door when Karen grabbed his arm and begged to him something in spanish. Sanchez threw her off him and began to walk towards the car outside. Hidalgo smiled and began to follow when he turned to Santiago.

"Santiago you coming, or are you going to stay with your little whore?" Hidalgo sneered, addressing the insult to Santiago as well as Alys. Santiago glared and went to run at Hidalgo when Alys and Karen got in thier way.

"Stop this now Hidalgo!" Karen pleaded with Hidalgo, her 5' 1'' stature nothing compared to Hidalgo's 5'9'' height.  Alys held Santiago, which was much easier than holding Hidalgo.

"Whatever coward, don't bother coming!" Hidalgo yelled at Santiago. "You keep on kissing up to your Vagos "friends" and American whore while father, the other true Latino’s and myself prove that the Los Sirvientes d Diablo are the only true gang to rule south side. He then pulled his gun out and fired two shots into the air. Everyone crouched in fear; the dog ran into another room, the two boys crying right behind them. Santiago and Alys stood defiant, while Karen stepped away from her son, tears beginning to fall down her face. Hidalgo put his gun back and spat on the floor. He then walked out the door and into the car with Sanchez.

"Damn him." Santiago swore. Alys then laced her hands into his.

"It's not you fault you know." Alys spoke softly.

Santiago stared at her and turned to his mother. "Madre, check on the boys, I’ll get Alys home. Karen said nothing but nodded. Alysans Santiago then walked towards Satiago's car. However it had been vandalized. Red markings of Hidalgo's gang were all over it. Santiago sighed and turned to Alys.

"The Los Servientes de Diablo are the most hated gang in south side. Let's take it safe and walk." Alys nodded and walked hand in hand with Santiago.

"I sure hope mom, dad and big brother are doing better than I am." Alys hoped to herself.  


The End

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