Getting Out

Alys rolled her eyes at the large, imposing man and walked through the door. She held her breath as the intoxicating smell of smoke bombarded her. Standing in front of her was a group of men, suddenly looking up from their poke game. She recognized the blonde haired, blue eyed muscular one as Chayton. He was wearing no shirt, openly displaying a green fleur de lis like hers on his shoulder and a large hawk on his chest.

Chayton. The hawk. Alys recalled. Chayton glanced her way and nodded. The two other men with him stared. She could tell they were of hispanic descent. One wore a black bandanna over his head, had jet-black glasses and a lit cigarette in his mouth. The other wore a bandanna over his mouth and had many piercings on his face.

"Averigüe el polluelo caliente!" The black shaded one spoke to the other. Although Alys knew little spanish, she recognized the words to make out "hot" and "chick".

"Ah sí su bosy es muy agradable!" the other gangster replied. They then broke into laughter while Chayton merely shook his head. He then pointed to a door behind them.

"Kyle's outside with some other "friends"," Chayton said. Alys nodded and began to walk when Chayton grabbed her hand. He stared at her. "He's negotiating with another gang back there. Don't do anything stupid!"

"I won't." Alys assured him. He released hsi grip on her and returned to his card game. Alys then slid the patio door open, where she saw a group of people gathered in a circle. She walked over and gasped. Two boys were fighting in the middle. One was a medium sized kid with brown hair and brown eyes. A red fleur de lis was visible on his neck. She immediately recognized him as one of Kyle's gang members, Hania. His competitor was a tall, well-toned Hispanic kid with brown hair and brown eyes. His hair was cut short, and he had a large tattoo on his chest and back. The tattoo on his back said gángster, while the tattoo on his chest read Héroe. The two fighters swung their fists and kicked at each other. The crowd around them screamed in excitement.

"Bare-knuckle boxing.” Alys concluded to herself. A few of the spectators begun to look her way as she walked towards a young man with dirty-blond hair. He was busy laughing and talking to another Hispanic man. The man seemed to be one of those body-builders you see on TV. The young man spotted Alys and beckoned her to come closer. Alys then walked up and stood beside the young man.

“Hi Kyle.” Alys said to him.

“Hey beautiful,” Kyle responded to her. He then put his arms around her waist and turned to the muscled person. “Carlos, this is my girl Alys. Alys this is Carlos Ramierez, leader of the Vagos gang.”

“A pleasure to meet you Chica.” Carlos spoke in a deep accent. Alys gave him a forced smile before turning to Kyle.

"Kyle I have to..."

"Guess what Alys? The Vagos and Riverside Fleur de Lis are officially allies!" Kyle said to Alys, bursting with exictement.

Alys face dopped. "That's great Kyle but..."

"Better yet we're going to kick those Da Nang boys ass’s!" Kyle interrupted. Alys stared at him. The Nang boys were a vicious gang in the eastern side of south city. They were mainly composed of different Asian ethnic groups who immigrated here. Alys knew Kyle had a deep hatred towards them for killing his older brother. Alys had been there to comfort Kyle then but now…

“Kyle I want to leave.” Alys spoke.

Kyle stared at her and gave a weak laugh. “You’re kidding me right?”  Alys stared at him, trying to look as serious as she could. Kyle took his hand off her waist. “Alys… seriously.”

“I’m serious.” Alys said. To prove her point she took out a necklace she had kept in her dress. She then pressed it unto Kyle’s hands. Kyle opened them and saw an emerald stone necklace that he had given her when she had joined. By now Carlos and some of the fight spectators turned around to see the new conflict. Kyle stared at the necklace then Alys.

“Alys, you can’t, you made the decision to join and…”

“Well now I’m regretting it!” Alys yelled at Kyle. “I can’t take lying to my parents any more.” She then turned to walk away when she stopped and faced Kyle. “I’m sorry.” She apologized. With that she walked away, leaving Kyle dumbfounded.


Alys quickened her pace as she headed for home. She knew that she was now in great danger. What she did endangered her own well being but she had to do it. “Mom and Dad deserved better.” She thought. She then turned a corner and walked straight into a man. She tumbled over and swore as she fell. She scratched her head and stared upwards. “Watch it jerk!” she yelled. Suddenly she gasped and hurried to her feet, scuttling backwards as she did. Standing in front of her was a tall, black man with a tilted purple hat and purple hoodie on. She recognized a large 3 on the man’s hoodie, signifying he was part of the 3rd street Ballerz, a gang that had no alliance with Riverside.

“Watch where you going b****!” The man yelled at her. He then gazed downwards at her hips, which she immediately covered with her dress. “Well, well, what’ a pretty little girl doing out all on her own?” he asked, stepping closer and closer towards her. Suddenly she heard a gun cock behind her. She turned around and came face to face with the Hispanic kid in the fight. He held his hand a 9mm pistol and had it tilted to the left.

“Step off boy,” he spoke with a Spanish accent. “Otherwise I send this bullet straight up your ass.”

The gangster merely stared at him before walking straight by. “Whatever man, you tripping.”

Alys stared at the defeated gangster than at the Hispanic kid. He placed his gun back in his pants and extended a hand to help her up.

“Be careful next time chica.” He warned her. He then began to walk away when Alys spoke.

“Wait, what’s your name?” Alys asked.

“Santiago, and yours?”

“Alys.” Alys replied.

Santiago smiled. “Next time miss Alys, try not to get yourself hurt. I’m not always going to be here you know.” He teased.

Alys smiled back. “Hey not my fault, he ran into me!” The both began to laugh. Soon they had stood there for a couple of minutes before Alys said she had to go.

“Wait,” Santiago said. “I was just wondering, you want to go for… food or something? Sometime. Later.”

Alys laughed. “Well I got an hour before I gotta get home so yeah I’ll go on a date with you.

Santiago turned red. “Well it’s not a…well maybe but… well if you wanted to…” Alys placed a finger over his lips.

“It’s alright I accept.” Alys coolly replied.

“Great!” Santiago said smiling. “My car’s at my house, just a short walk from here.” Alys nodded and they began to walk. Alys slipped her hand between Santiago’s right as a car passed by. In the car was Kyle, jealously watching the couple pass.



“No that b**** is really going to pay!” He yelled in frustration. In the car with him was Chayton, Pallaton, Hania and Chucho, one of Carlos’s gangster lietenants. He was armed with an SMG while everyone else held 9mm pistols. They then drove towards the northern part of town, to a residential area. They arrived at their destination and slowed the car enough for them to get a clear view of the window. Two men and a woman were around a table eating dinner. Kyle smiled before the window in front of him rolled open.

“Happy dinner Alys!” He shouted. He then pulled the trigger of his gun and fired at the window. The people with him did as well, shattering the windows of the house with a barrrage of bullets...



The End

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