Mistakes: 1

Mistakes aren't just mistakes when you make them several times...Then, they become intentional...

Chapter 1 -

The now damp curls that hung down to his shoulders, clung to his jacket; he was drenched - we both were. Two hours standing in the rain did not help...And through all that time, not one word was released from his blue plumped lips. Tears ran down his pale, cold face, which was suffering a pain of it's own. How long can he possibly stay like this? Rain dripping from his forehead like a full topped kettle pouring water out of it's end.

 "Micheal-" I was cut off by the sudden, unexpected sound of a car, several infact. Finally, there's people nearby. "Micheal, Micheal! Look!" He still could not bring himself to look at me, after the first time he tried; he failed..."Micheal...Look, traffic." No response...I'm trying to distract him from thinking about it but it seems that I'm just making it worse. Several more minutes past and now my body's starting to stiffen: so uncomfortable! "Micheal! C'mon, people are here! C'mon!" Nothing. Maybe I should just leave...No! I can't do that! What am I thinking, although mom will be wondering where I am. "Please Micheal, say something!" Silence again; How many more hours now? Before mom get's worried, Yui-San get's paranoid and Liv get's freaked? "You may not respond to me Micheal, but you made a mistake...Everyone makes mistakes." He titled his head towards mine, his eyes began to widen, and the night began to fill with darkness like I've never seen before.

The End

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