A girl goes out against her parents' wishes. This story is a series of flashbacks throughout the evening, showing the events which ultimately lead to the death of her family.

She lay on her back on the roof of her building, gazing intently at the stars. Yet she didn't see a thing. Her mind, awhirl with thoughts, ideas, decisions, consequences of those decisions, possible scenarios, memories, where not revealed in any way. The face on which her beautiful features lay was blank, devoid of emotion, of anger and of sorrow. A low wind whipped across her body, and she involutarily shivered in reaction.

Not that she could feel the cold any more. She was numb in almost every sense of the word.

Four hours beforehand, things had been a totally different story. She had a family, a home, a future.

A life.

Now, there was nothing left for her. Except to stand up, walk along to the edge of the roof, and just keep walking.

She stood.



"I'm going out for dinner with my friends Mum" She peered around the kitchen door , and grinned at her mother. There was no returning smile.

"No way. You know that your brother is only back for one night. We're supposed to have dinner together." Sarah looked at her daughter suspiciously. " Do not tell me that you've already changed to go out."

Her daughter gave a look of chagrin, and stepped out from behind the door. True, the dress she was wearing was stunning. Dark blue with a low neck line, and sequins that ran from one shoulder down to the opposite side of her waist. She twirled for her mother gracefully.

"So.... can I go?"

The End

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