We burst through the door into the textiles room just as the teacher closed the register.

'Late again, girls. You really must try harder to be on time.'

'Sorry, miss,' said Kay. 'There was a corridor crush. Maylene got trapped in it.'

'Well then, were you caught up in this, Kaytie?'

'No, miss. I was waiting for Maylene. I'm sorry.'

'Just go to your seats, girls, and try not to be late again.'

We walked to our table at the back of the room. As I sat down, Kay slipped me a note.

u kk? u luked tired this morn. wanna cum 2 mine afta skool?

I scribbled a reply on the back, crossed it out and tore a fresh page out of the middle of my book.

ye i wud but didnt ur mum say u were grounded?

ye but that means i cant leev da house so u can cum round

kk that wud b gr8 im not tired btw

'Girls! Are you paying attention? This is rather complicated. I suggest you watch.'

'Sorry, miss'

The minutes passing felt like hours. Miss Nettle (Her name is actually Miss Neets) was droning on and on about simple running stitches. She must love the sound of her own voice because all she does is talk talk talk. 

What feels like days later, the bell rings. I shove my stuff into my folder,grab my bag and Kay, and run out the door. It's lunch and we should eat, but it's been snowing and there's going to be a snowball fight between us and the neighboring school, Showgram secondary. Our school will win, because we always do. Queen Isabels secondary, four year snowball fight reigning champions, thats us.

The End

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