Alley cat fights back!

He sets his eyes to awake mode,

They can shut again soon,

Well once he is done with him, 

He lifts his pot-belly stomach up,

Stumbles over his milk tray and litter bin,


He goes up to the narrow cat flap,

To him it seems to get smaller and smaller,

Waddles around for a while, 

Composes himself and runs with all his might,


"Bang," "Creak!!!!!"

Oh dear, looks like the Don Fat Boy is stuck! 

His tail stiff but his legs flailing,

He tries to push himself in vain through the door.


 He moews, he kicks and shrieks......

Well, it seems the entire frame has shifted a little,

Anymore of a push and he will be out with the frame attached and all.

What a dilemna!


His owner won't be back until midnight,

He thinks,

You see the little cogs churning inside that pea-sized brain of his,

what to do, what to do,

Just knew I shouldn't have had that extra beef stew.


So for hours on end,

He sits that weak and helpless,

Wait till the misses hears about this, 

Oh I can't bear it,

They will all take the piss!







The End

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