The Reign of the Couragous Cat

Frivolous feline yet unintentionally bold and brave,

Steals mistresses from thier master's paws,

They fall for him,


They hand themselves in,

He is an idiot,

But they all give in,


His charm, sleek body and swift black tail,

Cough's one maybe two mice up, 

Here you are darling,

Here is your meal,

Ashamed and unamused,

The mistress averts her head, 

"Who I would kill just for a loaf of bread."


Still the legendary oath of the badly portrayed cat lingers on,

Is he not bold and brave?

To steal Mr.Biscuit's lover,

Think nothing of it and

Carry on?


Number 42 Alley cat Road,

That's where the devil lives,

Plump and unmoving,

But full of rage he is,

"Though shall not steal my cherry-button!" He proclaims,

I shall go in search for him,

Just after my fifth meal 

And save my dame!



The End

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