Mistaken Mouse

I threw a mouse

In the cats mouth

With fastball velocity

Blurring the fur

Streaking the tiny breathing

Morsal of meat 

Directly into the esophogus of the cat

It expands and contracts

As the cat stammers back

Attempting to heave up the living hairball

Stuck in the tightly soft, slightly slick unswallowing surface

Of the felines inside throat

The cat shifts erraticly but suffocates

As the mouse squirms and scrapes

And claws out from the open mouth of its head

With bloody paws

That's when you waltz in

Inspecting the scene with gin given double vision

You address the mouse,

"Ketty, You may have shrunk

and formed a tail that looks like a worm mated with an elephant's

trunk, then attached to an old purple plum completely covered with

fuzzy grey mold that stunk so bad it evolved a cone shaped

face with life-like capabilities sniffing in feverish pivots and

squeaking so shrilly 

One, such as I, almost mistook your feline chivalry

For that of a frankenstien mouse creation

But have since curled to common sense

And the straight fact that

You have slain a creature twenty times your weight in grain

You are one courageous cat!" 

And I, the mouse thrower, the largest thing in the damn room you

never saw, am speechlessly stewing-- staring at you with every

ounce of possible awe.

The End

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