I'd like to think of this story as just something random and for everyone just to add bits and bobs on it. Please feel free to use the widest of your imagination!!! The title is a bit random, but please try to fit the theme of the story to it, I don't mind where it leads to. Thank you!

School. Why? As the bell rang, the door of the classroom beside ours exploded open, basically trampled down by 30 or more kids of Y8. Faintly, I heard my teacher telling us to put our books away and pack up. She had a funny way of talking, Ms Maple, she sorts of talks through her teeth, so it all comes out weird. The ones ready first dashed out to avoid the big crush on the staircase. The lesson I just had was on the top floor so my attempt was to walk down the central stairs, but that wasn't such a good idea. I ventured towards the squished staircase. How could they take so much weight? As soon as I reached the first stair, people from behind pushed forwards, ridiculous, I thought. Most people were pushed, most of the people squished were yelling, most people who were squished was pushing even more....so forth. A few teachers tried to calm the crowd down, but how can 2 or 3 teachers quieten about 50 or more kids at once? For a few moments, no one moved, more like being pushed forwards and backwards at the same time. The people going the opposite direction weren't helping either. Finally, after basically being squeezed down for quite a while, I got on to the landing. The stairs leading to the first floor wer completely empty. I looked up to the student jam and down to the empty staircase and sighed. At the bottom of the staircase, I saw my friend waiting for me.

"You just won't quit going that way, will you?" she asked. Probably not, I thought.

"I tell you, it's quality not quantity, or in your case, safety not shortcut. Jeez, do you know how long I've been waiting down here?"

"Um... a long time?" I replied.

"Eugh....come on, we'll be late for textiles."

The End

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