Mission Accomplished

Henri moved skillfully down the crowded street. Despite being engulfed in the throng of tourists, he moved with precision and stealth. But then again, that was what he was paid for.

Although immediately striking in facial features, his average height and rake thin frame allowed him to blend into the crowd easily in these pokey Italian streets. Henri praised the master's decision to dispose of the clean-shaven, neat haired image. His now long, shaggy dark chestnut locks and stubble did wonders to hide his distinctive face. Piercing emerald eyes that clearly had seen trauma were set deep in his skull, rimmed with purple marks from too many sleepless nights. Premature wrinkles, high cheekbones, gaunt face and slightly pointed chin would certainly stand out in witness reports. Not like there ever had been a witness to testify against him, Henri had made sure of that. His long grey trench coat and striped wine scarf paired with battered converse and jeans were his attire in every nation he visited. It did not seem to matter to Henri that it was forty degrees in the shade.

A week old blackberry headset was strapped, concealed, to his ear through which he could hear the masters instructions. Henri moved more quickly to gain speed and close in on target. With just a cursory glance at the partially dilapidated buildings, he confirmed there were no cameras, as the briefing had stated. Still, one could never be too careful. The fact that there was barely enough room to stretch your elbows did not deter him, as Henri pulled the silencer from one pocket and a glock thirty six from another.

Approaching the target, he screwed the two elements together with precision, his eyes fixed on her. Stealthily, he reached her back, flicked his wrist, pulled the trigger and continued walking, concealing the gun as he went. Bystanders looked on in terror as the teenage girl who just moments before had seemed healthy, was now deathly pale. She collapsed to her knees in one second, blood beginning to bubble from her lips. Lungs, heart and brain all taken down by just one carefully placed shot. Henri aspired for this success with every hit; he had never missed a target.

Needless to say, his customers are always pleased. The headset sounded a final time;

well done my son. Our people are very impressed with you”

The End

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