January 2005.


“The Tsunami in Indonesia is just mad,” said my Father, his newspaper over his nose. “Just terrible, isn’t that right,
Mia?” he asked. I nodded, and returned to my biology homework.


Of course, it is terrible. Anything like that is simply mad. But, Mr. Dwayne
is mad for giving us this much homework.
I filled out all the questions that we were asked during lab. They were simple. 
Even if I hadn’t been here for the lab, I could have answered these questions.


“Mia, you know your youth group is doing a mission trip to Indonesia, right? Are you going?” Mom asked. I shrugged
and shut my book.


“I don’t know Mom. I want to, but I’ll miss tons of school.” I answered. I turned around, and faced my parents. “Will
they let me?”


“It will count towards your extra credit. And, you will have a tutor for the first couple of weeks of summer.” Said
Mom. She begin to fiddle with one of the blankets for a orphanage that was damaged by the Tsunami.


“Really? My school does that?” She nodded.


“Do you want to go? The form is due Sunday.” She said.


“I think so, how long is it?”


“You’d leave on Friday and come back on February 25th. One month.”


“Umm...I think so.” I said.


The End

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