Missing You

Every minute is an eternity...without you...

“What does it say?” I asked, although I already knew. Charlie, Annie’s husband, had gotten the same one. I just didn’t want it to be true.

“I’m being asked to join the army to fight in the war,” Stephen replied.

“I don’t want you to go!” I cried passionately. “I can’t live without you!”

“I must serve my country,” he said to me.

“But you must serve your wife, and she needs you to stay!” My voice cracked, then broke.

Stroking my cheek and brushing the tears away with his thumb, he looked deep into my eyes.

“It won’t be forever,” he assured me. My eyes filled with fresh tears that spilled over my lids as I looked to the ground.

“Hey,” he said, putting his other hand on my chin and lifting it up so he could look me in the eye again. “I love you. Don’t you ever forget that.”

“I won’t,” I half-sobbed after sniffling.

“Good,” he whispered, planting a kiss on my head. He took his hand off of my chin, but I held his gaze as he held mine. He looked down at me, and I broke our locked gazes by looking down again, still crying. He slipped his hand off of my cheek and slipped both of his hands into mine. I shifted my stare from the ground to our hands. Shivering with a sudden cold, I let go of his hands. Sobs raking my body, I slid forwards and snuck into his chest. He draped his arms around me and rested his chin on my head.  "I'll be back," he promised solemnly, squeezing me tight.

The End

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