Chapter 2. - Visitor

I sat on my bed playing with the bandage on my wrist. My freedom had been restricted even further if that is even possible. My room was locked so now I couldn't even leave it, I had more supervision and was marked suicidal. Of course in this world fate had to play further twisted games on my life. They don't believe my story, saying if it was an accident I would of cut my finger. So much anger and sadness filled me, why am I even given this life to spend it trapped.

All I wanted to do was escape this hell hole and I was so close. My mother wasn't ready for me she would take any reason to keep me locked up, she is afraid.  Even before the coma she has always been afraid.

I have always enjoyed being alone but not like this, I feel abandoned like no ones left. Here I have no free will, every move is monitored.

Even in my imagination Dimetri left me, I feel so alone. I shut my eyes tight, it pained me to think of him. Even if he was a figure of my imagination we had something unbreakable broken by a man out for vengence.

A knock on my door broke the silence like a knife, I bolted upright. A nurse came in, he only let two words leave his mouth as if I wasn't worth his breath.

"Visiting Hours."

"I.... have a visitor?" I must admit I was shocked, I never get visitors. The nurse didn't stop so I followed him out the room.

"You have two one now and your Father in two hours." He replied with a roll of his stone cold eyes.

Excitement filled me this meant he is back from his 6 month work tour. It also meant that he just found out. The nurse led me into the visitor room which was set up as a living room, there was a couch. t.v and small kitchen. The nurse left and returned five minutes later with strange boy hidden by a red cloak. To my surprise the nurse left us alone.

"Can you please shut the blinds?" He whispered.

"Of course." I replied to the sweet familiar voice.

"Thank-you." He whispered and turned around his back facing me.
"I am deeply sorry for what has happened."

"Who are you?" I asked

"Promise you won't freak out."

"Uhh... "


I sighed "I Promise." He slowly pulled his hood off still facing away from me.

"Don't be so dramatic just face..." He turned around and revealed his face. I staggered back in fear. Horror evidently displayed on my face. He rushed forward and placed his cold undead hand over my mouth.

"You promised." He whispered. I noded my head and het let me go.

"I  never promised not to scream." I whispered on the verge of tears.

"Please don't scream." He pleaded.

I had to be dreaming this wasn't possible. Did I take my medication? No I never do but this...

"Angelo." I whispered.

The End

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